Liam Lawson disappointed with the decision of his team Alfa Tauri


Liam Lawson disappointed with the decision of his team Alfa Tauri
Liam Lawson disappointed with the decision of his team Alfa Tauri © Rudy Carezzevoli / Getty Images

The Qatar Grand Prix in Formula 1 is about to start and we are already getting the first information about the composition of the teams that will perform. Liam Lawson, Alfa Tauri's reserve driver, admitted that he was disappointed with the team's decision to have Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda drive for this team in Formula 1 next year.

He is not angry with the management of the team, but he is hurt because he expected that he deserved to be in the first team. Lawson's teammate Daniel Ricciardo had a broken arm in August this year, so the young New Zealander replaced him in the car for five races this year, and the competition in Qatar will be his last this season in the fastest wagon.

Lawson has been putting in some good runs lately, so we're all a bit surprised that he didn't manage to make the first team. "Of course I'm disappointed, because my goal is to be in Formula 1 all the time. However, despite that, I'm motivated to secure a safe place for myself among the best drivers of today," said Lawson.

Lawson likes the track in Qatar, he thinks he can make a step forward in his career

Liam achieved the best placement in Singapore, where he was ninth and reached his first two points. He is looking forward to the race in Qatar.

He believes that it will be an attractive and good race because it is a good track and gives drivers the opportunity to drive very fast. He pointed out that he does best in such situations, so he will look for an opportunity there.

"The track is great. It has only one slow corner, everything else is driven in at least fourth gear. "I'm hoping for a good race," said Lawson. The race for the Qatar Grand Prix on Sunday, October 8, and of course there will be training and preparatory races before that. Everyone expects and knows that Qatar, like any sporting event, will organize it at the highest possible level.