Horner on rivalry with Toto Wolff: We haven't seen much of him the last two years


Horner on rivalry with Toto Wolff: We haven't seen much of him the last two years
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Many true F1 fans miss the rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes. Mercedes, led by Toto Wolff, fails to realize its intentions this season. They are far from the right form, while on the other hand, Red Bull has never been this dominant.

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull, emphasized in a press conference that he misses the rivalry with Toto Wolff and Mercedes. However, he does not doubt that Mercedes is "creating" interesting things for the future.

“For me sport is about rivalry. It’s great to have rivalry. There has to be a respect. Sport isn’t sport without rivalry. We haven’t seen much of him {Toto] the last two years but I am sure he’s plotting.

I am sure there’s something they’re working on. They’re a great team, they’re a big team. "- he said, as quoted by crash.net!

Christian Horner on Mercedes and its future

Although Mercedes will not have a chance to win the championship for the third season, Horner has no doubts that they are working hard on ideas for the future.

Red Bull was patient years ago, and in the end, it paid off. “They’ve got great drivers. They will be looking to fight back. It hurts when you’re losing and if it doesn’t hurt you shouldn’t be doing it.

We had long periods, six to seven seasons of hurt, of being the bridesmaid. We never lost sight of where we wanted to be. We were the team to break that domination. Everything goes in cycles. At some point, someone will beat us.

" Horner is aware that dominance has to stop at some point. However, they do not want to look far into the future. The main goal is to enjoy this moment and help your team. “Whether it’s Mercedes or Ferrari or McLaren or Aston Martin or whoever.

We don’t know but all we can control is what we’re doing so that’s what we’re focused on is ourselves”.

Toto Wolff