Verstappen believes that the rules in 2022 are not there to stop Mercedes

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Verstappen believes that the rules in 2022 are not there to stop Mercedes

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen disagrees with the views that the rules for 2022 are intended to stop Mercedes domination. He added that their intention was to make the race more interesting. For 2022, new technical regulations have been enacted to reduce downforce levels to create more exciting racing.

In addition to the new technical regulations, there is also the introduction of budget limits for teams and a much more even distribution of money per team so that the differences in speed between teams are as small as possible.

They want to stop Mercedes?

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said these changes are an attempt to stop Mercedes in the turbo-hybrid era, but that he sees it as a motivation for his team to be even better. Verstappen disagrees with this view and believes the goal is only to improve racing.

“No, I think these rules are the result of conversations between new owners, teams and drivers. The owners have heard that it is difficult to overtake and that we want a closer race. ” “You could see, for example, in Imola.

Valtteri was driving a car three to four tenths slower than me due to damage, but I still couldn't overtake him even though I was far faster, which could be seen after I managed to pass in front. We have to find a solution to that, ”Max said.

Moto GP has completely different rules that would be more interesting to many if it were in Formula 1, but it seems that this will not happen soon. As a contrast, Max mentioned the MotoGP championship this season and how it was uncertain until the very end.

He hopes the new rules from 2022 will have the same effect on F1. "We need a more uncertain race in F1. Drivers should be able to follow the cars in front more easily and qualifications should not be one of the deciding factors on the outcome of the race.

You see MotoGP. Even if you qualify for tenth place, you can still win the race. This happens very rarely in F1 because it is difficult to follow the cars in front on most tracks. ” "I think that's why new rules have been adopted from 2022 onwards.

And whether these new rules will slow down Mercedes or not, we can not know at this moment, ”concluded Verstappen.