Charles Leclerc: From the beginning we knew what our weaknesses were


Charles Leclerc: From the beginning we knew what our weaknesses were
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This season has started badly for Ferrari. Although they made progress after a few races, it still doesn't seem enough. According to Charles Leclerc, the problem was obvious from the start. They had to deal with many problems, including the car being wind-sensitive.

“We straight away knew what our weaknesses were,” says Leclerc, as quoted by! “We were, at least at the beginning of the year, super wind-sensitive, which is something I guess is quite difficult to understand for fans that are not properly into Formula 1."

Charles Leclerc on adapting

Leclerc has trouble adapting to sudden changes.

During a certain session, he felt the car was great and had a good chance. The very next session reveals, however, that there is a significant issue. It is a huge problem for you as a driver in such moments. Setting expectations is difficult.

“There were some off-examples like Baku, where the wind was quite high, but we were super strong [Leclerc was on pole and finished on the podium], which was difficult to understand. But then as a general trend, we were struggling quite a lot.

Even in one weekend, we could see a lot of very good sessions and also very difficult sessions. That was very, very difficult for us because also as a driver, it's very difficult to set up the car in a particular way, because you will get one car one session and a very different one the one after." If you want to be a successful driver, consistency is one of the most important things.

Making a good result is difficult if you are not consistent. Consistency helps to build momentum and confidence. “And especially me, who likes to have a very strong front end, I was going from a very, very, very oversteery car that was very difficult to drive, to a car that I quite liked. It was difficult to find that consistency as a driver and as a team”.

Charles Leclerc