Bernie Ecclestone highlights George Russell's main problem


Bernie Ecclestone highlights George Russell's main problem
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George Russell has not been in good form this season. Despite being great last season and living up to expectations, this season is a completely different story. According to the standings, the Mercedes driver is currently 8th.

There are some things he needs to change, but the entire team also has responsibilities. Bernie Ecclestone noticed many flaws in George Russell. While Russell clearly has talent, there are a number of things that need to be improved.

“I can’t make up my mind about him,” - he said, as quoted by! “I like him. He is super-talented. It is a matter of what he is prepared to do to win. He was hoping Carlos Sainz would run out of road [at the Singapore Grand Prix].

He was pushing very, very hard. I don’t think he thinks his race through, something Lewis does do”.

Oscar Piastri and Max Verstappen

Mercedes "must keep an eye" on Oscar Piastri, according to Ecclestone. McLaren will benefit greatly from this young driver.

Piastri possesses the qualities a top team needs. “If I were a team owner, I think I’d get hold of the Australian kid,” -Ecclestone said on Oscar Piastri However, Max Verstappen is someone who impresses Ecclestone the most.

Looking at his form and performances this season, it seems that Max is 'far ahead of everyone' “He’s very good. But Max Verstappen is the best I have ever seen”. The next season is going to be an interesting one as we look forward to seeing what we can expect.

Changes need to be made, so new faces need to be brought on board. There is a lack of young blood in the F1 world who can carry on the tradition of the more experienced ones in the coming years. Teams need to identify talented drivers and provide them with the right resources to help them succeed.

With the right support and investment, a new generation of drivers can rise and carry on the legacy of the experienced racers.

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