George Russell on the reasons for the 'inconstant season' and his approach


George Russell on the reasons for the 'inconstant season' and his approach
George Russell on the reasons for the 'inconstant season' and his approach © Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

Last season, George Russell proved that he was worthy of a place at Mercedes, but this season he is not able to repeat these results. His performance is far from satisfactory. The optimism of this young driver, however, guarantees great results.

Russell spoke with the media about the current season and compared it to previous seasons, such as those from his junior years. The main problem seems to be identified by George. Russell emphasized that this season he is taking risks as an individual, and the race in Singapore was the best indicator of that.

“There’s definitely a reason for all of them, and that’s just pushing to the limit,” he said, as quoted by! “Then potentially on both occasions, potentially pushing over the limit and trying to extract more than possible.

I think when I look at my championship winning years in junior formulas or go-karting, F4, GP3 and F2, I was very much the driver that would just keep on getting results. If you have to compromise one position, it’s a long game, just keep on getting those results and that was very much my mentality last year as well.

Just keep on getting those results and it paid off well. Whereas I think this year we are definitely rolling the dice a bit more and really going for those big results. You saw it here [Singapore], Zandvoort [staying out on slick tyres on a damp track] we obviously got it wrong but it’s another reason I’m definitely pushing myself above and beyond."

George Russell and his approach

He has always dreamed of competing against the best in the world.

Mercedes is an ambitious team that does not settle for small things. According to George, he never considered giving up during his career. His goal was to return to the race and demonstrate his quality. His 'rough' treatment of himself has yielded great results so far.

"I think you run up against the best drivers in the world and you’re testing yourself. We’re not satisfied coming home in P2 or P3, you’re always chasing more at the same time. When I was at Williams, when I crashed I knew I had to give it everything if I had half a chance of keeping that.

Equally, I would have been kicking myself at Williams if I didn’t give it everything and I lost the position. And equally, in Singapore, if I knew it was the last lap and I took it easy, and Lewis overtook me, I’d be equally kicking myself.

So I think that’s just part and parcel of racing and I do like the fact that on these circuits, you are bitten if you put a foot wrong”.

George Russell