Sebastian Vettel on whether he could beat Max Verstappen


Sebastian Vettel on whether he could beat Max Verstappen
Sebastian Vettel on whether he could beat Max Verstappen © Bryn Lennon / Getty Images Sport

Sebastian Vettel's return to the grand prix circuit would be enlightening. However, it is hard to predict whether that will happen. In a recent interview with Channel 4, Vettel discussed Max Verstappen's apparent dominance in the championship.

Several reporters asked Vettel if he thought he could beat Verstappen in a Red Bull. “Not like that [clicks fingers], because that’s how good he is, and that’s just not how it works for any one of us. But, of course, I believe in what I can and know what I can do and maybe what I can’t do.

I think I’m very different to him, but I mean, obviously, I’m convinced that everybody is beatable. But it is a big commitment. I know also the way I like to do the sport is a huge commitment, and if I do something, I want to do it properly.

So I wouldn’t be able to beat him just turning up and dropping my bag in the room, getting my kit on and ‘let’s have a go’. I don’t think that’s how it works”. - Vettel said, as quoted by!

Sebastian Vettel is impressed with Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen looks unbeatable this season. It is truly amazing how dominant he is. Currently, no one can beat him, and his competitors have enormous problems. This kind of championship is 'boring' for many people, but Vettel is delighted by the Dutchman's performance.

Red Bull's ambitions will remain the same in the coming period; Victory and nothing else. The mentality of this team has always been to aim for the biggest goals. “Max is amazing. I think it’s great to watch. Obviously, it will be very, very, very, very difficult to repeat.

I get it, it’s boring to watch if the same guy wins again, but you’ve got to be impressed by the excellence”.

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