Jessica Hawkins is the first woman to test a Formula 1 car since 2018

Jessica Hawkins statement about trying Aston Martin bolid

by Sededin Dedovic
Jessica Hawkins is the first woman to test a Formula 1 car since 2018
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In most sports, there is both a male and a female form of the sport. However, some sports are "guaranteed" for only one specific gender. Formula 1 is a sport played exclusively by men. Some would say that this is justified because it is known that women are bad drivers, which would certainly anger feminist associations that deal with the protection of women's rights.

It must be said that things are moving in a better direction for women, because they themselves have fought. This is how the news from Formula 1 echoed these days that finally after 2018, a woman tried a Formula car.

Of course, there was a W-series, but it's not the same as Formula 1 because it's not the same cars or the same way of competing.

The competition was stopped in 2022

British Jessica Hawkins became the first woman to test a Formula 1 car since 2018, the BBC reported. Aston Martin announced on Tuesday that Hawkins had driven 26 laps in their 2021 car at the Hungaring near Budapest.

"I gave the last tear, the last drop of blood and sweat to get to this success," Hawkinson said.

Former karting champion Jessica Hawkins was very happy and satisfied after her test drive in the Aston Martin

Jessica Hawkins, who is already a well-known sports person, did not hide her delight because she had the honor of trying a formula car from the Aston Martin team.

Many journalists gathered at this event, so we had a handful of information from various sources. Of course, the fact that Jessica Hawkins is known for her past in sports and was a karting champion sparked interest. The last woman to test a Formula 1 car was Colombian Tatiana Calderon with Sauber – now Alfa Romeo – at the Hermanson Rodríguez circuit in Mexico City in October 2018.

Hawkinson, the British karting champion and stunt driver in the James Bond film No Time to Die, has joined Aston Martin as a driver ambassador in 2021. We hope that such trends will continue, so that maybe sometime in the future we will see Formula 1 in which women compete.

We will probably have to wait a while and nothing is certain, but we have to agree that it sounds nice. We hope that something changes in this matter in the near future.

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