Lewis Hamilton attacks George Russell: Mercedes embarrassed!


Lewis Hamilton attacks George Russell: Mercedes embarrassed!
Lewis Hamilton attacks George Russell: Mercedes embarrassed! © Clive Rose / Staff Getty Images Sport

At the end of the F1 race in Suzuka, the British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton harshly attacked his teammate George Russell, who did not respect the team's strategies. Very nervous and even angry, the 7-time world champion said: "It wasn't a perfect scenario for the team.

In that situation we had to change positions, we are a team and to beat the Ferraris we had to do it." In the Japanese GP, Mercedes and Ferrari battled for positions 4-7. Charles Leclerc finished fourth, while Hamilton settled for fifth and Russell seventh.

A situation that infuriated Hamilton.

From what filters around Hamilton and Russell's German team, Mercedes would have been embarrassed by the Briton's words towards his teammate, but no particular statements came that fueled Hamilton's criticism from the team board.

Lewis Hamilton and his passions

In an interview with Style Magazine, the British Mercedes driver talked about many topics, including cinema and music. Hamilton said: "My dream would be to star in Interstellar 2. But I don't think Christopher Nolan will do it… I said to him: Please tell me you're doing another one.

But I don't think it will happen. That said, Interstellar is one of my favorite movies. I love space. And I still can't believe it didn't win all the awards it deserved."

Regarding music, the Briton said: "I listen to a lot of music.

If I had to choose just one artist to listen to all my life it would be Bob Marley. Today, however, I listen to everything. I am constantly inspired by Frank Ocean, Drake, but also by artists older ones like DMX." Hamilton halso talkes about his passion for watches

Hamilton also talked about his great passion for watches, explaining: "I have always loved watches.

Even as a child. Until the age of 22, when I turned professional and received my first salary, I was unable to have fancy watches. When I was still a kid I remember buying a £15 watch but with a faux leather strap. I wore a blazer to school and would often roll up the sleeve, I wanted my friends to see how good it was."

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