Ricciardo thinks that the 2020 season is one of the most interesting

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Ricciardo thinks that the 2020 season is one of the most interesting

Renault team driver Daniel Ricciardo said that he considers this year's Formula 1 championship to be the most fun since 2016. That year he finished third in the drivers ’standings with Red Bull, and the next two years weren’t exactly the happiest for him.

2019 also went badly for Ricciardo, of course due to an uncompetitive car in his first season for Renault. In the 2020 season, he is a frequent points winner and is currently in sixth place in the driver rankings. Asked if this season was his best in terms of podiums and points, Ricciardo said the following: "I probably have to look back on that when it's all said and done."

"But I think for now, yes. I mean, my enjoyment is very big at the moment, I like racing, and I think it's partly due to the quarantine and the lack of competition in the longest period so far. " "So, after the race was missed, I think my desire to return has obviously become much stronger."

"And yes, it was great, and you're probably right, 2016 was a really good year that I remember with Red Bull, so this is probably the best or most satisfying since."


After the 2020 season, Ricciardo will move to McLaren.

Summing up his season in words, he said that each season is for each driver what the driver makes himself, that is, what he does during that season. He added that no season is easy, but it all depends on your own set rankings.

He also commented on his, so far last season at Red Bull: I think last [2018] year at Red Bull was the most emotionally difficult, because at the beginning of the year it looked like I was a candidate for the World Cup.

Then in the middle of the year I realized that I wanted to go further, and towards the end of the year there were relegations after relegations. "So there was a lot of emotion that year, so to this day I think it was the most emotionally difficult year for me and how it played a little with me."

“Last year was still fun, even though we didn’t actually achieve the results we wanted. It was fun to try and build with a new team. ” "It was definitely more fun this year, because such construction has brought really good results."