Jos Verstappen 'can't feel the adrenaline' because of Max's dominance


Jos Verstappen 'can't feel the adrenaline' because of Max's dominance
Jos Verstappen 'can't feel the adrenaline' because of Max's dominance © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Jos Verstappen, Max's father, still misses F1 and racing, but he thinks watching Max race and win is just as exciting as when he was competing. Jos Verstappen 'formed' the champion. Even when Max was a boy, his father did his best to make Max a champion one day.

However, now that the Dutchman has won the championship twice, and soon a third time, his father lacks adrenaline. “Believe me, I felt that adrenaline rush when I was with Max,” -Jos Verstappen said, as quoted by!

“But he has now reached a phase where I no longer have to do anything and the time has come for myself to do fun things again. Because I still need that adrenaline a bit. The feeling of racing in a car yourself cannot be compared to the feeling you have when you are standing next to the track.

It’s very different. No, racing is not more exciting. I find watching Max just as exciting as racing myself. And I’d rather Max win than me. But the best part of course is when Max wins in a Formula 1 car and I win in a rally car.

That is our goal every time,” Jos Verstappen said.

Jos Verstappen

Jos Verstappen is doing great things in Rally. Last Saturday, this once-great F1 driver won the Belgian Rally Championship. With this, Max's father shows how much he loves racing and the adrenalin it carries with him.

No wonder why Max is so good. He had good genes, and he had someone to learn great things from. “I think in a year or two I can really compete at the top Belgian level. If you look at world level, I come up short and I don’t mind that.

I enjoy watching WRC, but I have no ambitions in that direction. I took part in a WRC rally once last year, in Ypres, but that kept me busy for a whole week. Then I notice how long I am away from home for. I’m fine with the way things are going now.

Our team is called Racing and we get support from Red Bull. We have a nice team with nice people and it’s not always like that. I mean, we decide where we drive. That’s the fun part, I think. I want to do it seriously and as well as possible, but above all it has to be enjoyable and not cause any frustration." “I invest a lot of time in it but if it’s not fun, it’s a waste of time”.

Jos Verstappen