Sebastian Vettel is thinking about competing at Le Mans next year


Sebastian Vettel is thinking about competing at Le Mans next year
Sebastian Vettel is thinking about competing at Le Mans next year © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

The inevitable topic on the F1 scene is the potential return of Sebastian Vettel. Many wonder if this once-great F1 driver will return to where he belongs. It looks like there is a real chance for that, but not in F1 this time.

Namely, if we judge by the media headlines, Vettel received an offer to participate in the Le Mans 24 Hours next year. Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt provided certain information; “Apparently a test could take place soon,” -Michael Schmidt said, as quoted by!

Schmidt asked Vettel how much truth there was in the rumors. The German confirmed that he is considering such an option, and that there is a chance to realize the plan. “Nothing has been signed or decided yet, but I have it in the back of my mind.

I still have time to decide”. Sebastian Vettel is someone who has had great success in his F1 career. Many times he emphasized how much he misses racing. When you've been at the top of the F1 scene for so many years, it's only reasonable that you want to be part of the same story again.

Vettel did not rule out the option of a potential return. “If at some point I come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work without racing anymore, then I will drive again,” he said.

Felix Gorner on Sebastian Vettel

RTL correspondent Felix Gorner is sure that Sebastian will be part of Le Mans next year.

He is aware of what this competition entails and how popular it is. “I think it’s very likely that he will see Vettel at Le Mans. He is an absolute history fan and loves traditional races like this. He’s always been interested in taking part.

Le Mans will also appeal to him in terms of sport. Next year, numerous manufacturers from big brands will take part, with an enormous density of performance”.

Sebastian Vettel

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