Christian Horner 'frustrated' by Max Verstappen's performance despite victory


Christian Horner 'frustrated' by Max Verstappen's performance despite victory
Christian Horner 'frustrated' by Max Verstappen's performance despite victory © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Max Verstappen won the Suzuka race. The Dutchman once again showed that he is currently the most dominant personality on the F1 scene. Christian Horner, CEO of Red Bull, was not satisfied despite the victory. Namely, he and Verstappen had their own ideas in their heads about how dominantly Max would win.

"We all left Singapore knowing that ultimately the winning run that we had would come to an end, but we were still a little frustrated,” Horner said, as quoted by! "I played padel tennis with Max on Wednesday and he was properly fired up and he said: 'I want to win the race by 20 seconds’.

And in fairness, he came within 0.7s of achieving that."

Christian Horner: It was an outstanding performance

This race was an indicator once again of how good Max is at the moment. Verstappen is not afraid of anyone at this moment.

His qualities, as well as the car he owns, are a guarantee that Verstappen will win the title. However, we do not want to forecast anything in advance.
"You could tell from the very first lap in FP1 where on the hard tyre, he was 1.8 seconds quicker than the rest of the field on medium or soft tyres at that point, he was totally focused on this event.

It was an outstanding performance. His final lap in qualifying has got to be up there with one of the best laps of all time in qualifying. And then he converted that after not the best of getaways, but he was able to hang on to the lead and then thereafter build a very commanding lead and control the race”.

After the race in Singapore, some criticized Max and the FIA technical directive. It seems that this was not the main reason for his great performance. “He's just a racer. He doesn't need a lot of motivation, but he certainly came here very keen to reestablish the season he's been having."

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