Ferrari joined the race in the fight for best constructor place

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Ferrari joined the race in the fight for best constructor place

After Ferrari had by far the best race of the season in Turkey, McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl claims that the triathlon for third place in the constructors' standings turned into a quadruple. With third place from Sebastian Vettel and fourth from Charles Leclerc, Ferrari scored 27 points at the Turkish Grand Prix.

The situation in the constructors' standings looks like this: Racing Point is third with 154 points, McLaren has 149, Renault 136, and Ferrari now 130. Andreas Seidl is aware of how powerful Ferrari is and how many experienced and smart people they have on their team.

Ferrari has made a name for itself with its hard work and commitment and they should never be written off, so this time too. It remains to be seen whether Ferrari can achieve another victory

Four team fight

Andreas Seidl commented on the situation: “According to what we saw from Ferrari, another good result on their part and we have a four-team fight.

I’m not worried about that, but I’m realistic. I know what a team like Ferrari can do with all the resources it has, it’s no surprise they come back during the season. We have never underestimated the power that Ferrari has.

They have two great drivers and a great team. That's the reality. " McLaren, on the other hand, had very poor qualifiers in Istanbul, but managed to score solid points in the race. Carlos Sainz was fifth and Lando Norris eighth.

Thus, the connection with Racing Point was maintained, to which Sergio Perez brought a handful of points by winning the second position. Seidl still believes that their cars are much slower than other competitors, but that it is nice to be in this company.

"It was great for us to achieve that result because it keeps us in the fight for the construction order. That's good, but I definitely wouldn't say we have the third or fourth fastest car at the moment, ”says Seidl.

"We have a competitive car, aggressive compared to last year. We already have more points than last season, which shows that we have made a big step forward, but at the same time we have very strong opponents. We hope to stay in this fight until the last race and as a team we will give everything we have. ” The Formula 1 teams will have a double program in Bahrain, and then the season finale in Abu Dhabi.