Hamilton and Mercedes should extend the contract soon

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Hamilton and Mercedes should extend the contract soon

Having secured for himself the seventh title of world driving champion and Mercedes the seventh constructive title in a row, Lewis Hamilton with the leadership of the team needs to resolve the issue of his future and a new contract.

Judging by the words of the head of the Mercedes team, this should not be expected before the end of the season. There are three races left until the end of the championship. Two in Bahrain and the season finale in Abu Dhabi on December 13th.

Toto Wolff was mysterious

Toto Wolff was a bit mysterious when he addressed the media. It looks like they are hiding something and who knows what is going on in the background and why they do not want to reveal information about the extension "I think it is most likely that the contract will be a topic for the end of the year.

I do not want to put pressure on us by saying that we will announce the new treaty before Bahrain or before Abu Dhabi. There is no pressure, ”says Toto Wolff. Clearly, it is to be expected that there will be no problems with Hamilton's contract, but that only some details need to be harmonized.

Mercedes has always been quite liberal towards its champion and has given him freedom for some activities outside of Formula 1. It seems that their driver is in the first place and that they are doing everything to please him.

Hamilton is aware of this and is therefore a very likely extension of the contract. Of course, Mercedes will also benefit from that because everyone would like such a driver in their team "I always accept what is important to him, I try to understand what puts him in a good position.

I support his various interests, such as the world of fashion where we allowed him to travel the world and be promoted, and he has been at his best level since he started. ” "The contract is not complex. I respect his desire for a better work balance.

It's hard for all of us with so many trips, ”explains Wolff. After the Turkish Grand Prix, Lewis stated that he wants to stay in Formula 1 and that he feels that he has not yet reached his peak, so the agreement on a new contract should really be just a formality.