Hamilton thinks he can show a lot more

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Hamilton thinks he can show a lot more

Lewis Hamilton wants more challenging races like the last race in Turkey to show what he can do, and while acknowledging that it matters what kind of car you have he stresses that the most important thing is what you manage to accomplish with what you have.

Hamilton secured his seventh championship title and prompted inevitable comparisons to Michael Schumacher whose record he equaled, and some comments are directed at the fact that Hamilton has been behind the wheel of dominant Mercedes for the past seven years and had to fight only one driver.

One of the critics was the three-time world champion from 1969, 1971 and 1973, Jackie Stewart, who said that the statistics alone were not enough to place him at the very top. “I don’t think you can count that level of success because you have 20 or 22 races today,” Stewart told the Fast Lane podcast.

Juan Manuel Fangio is in my opinion the greatest driver who has ever lived, and Jim Clark is the second greatest, even ahead of Senna. But these people raced six to eight or nine times a year in Formula 1. ” “Lewis made a good decision when he left McLaren and went to Mercedes-Benz.

I take my hat off to him for that decision, but the car and the engine he has are so superior that it's almost unfair to the others. ” Hamilton drove a great race in Turkey in very difficult conditions without any mistakes, managed to make the tires work while others did not and achieved the 94th victory in his career and says that he wants as many such races as possible so that he can show his abilities.


“I want more weekends like that,” Hamilton said. "The harder the conditions, the more opportunities like this, the more I can show what I can do." “I hope you could see… I think I deserve respect.

I think you can see how difficult the race was, especially because it wasn't up to the car. " But I couldn't do it without an amazing group of people behind me, but there is another great driver who drives next to me, who has the same car and who obviously didn't finish where I ended up, ”said Hamilton on Bottas, who finished the race only at 14 place.

"I've noticed some interesting comments from former drivers - I really promise, and I hope I'll keep my word, that when I retire I'll embrace and encourage the next generations in 10 or 20 years, whether it's Lando, George or Max."