Will Sergio Perez leave F1?

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Will Sergio Perez leave F1?

Sergio Perez's future in Formula 1 is under big question. He is also aware that he could easily run out of space on the grid in 2021, but he points out that he will leave the championship with his head held high if such a situation really occurs.

Although he is having a great season, Sergio Perez is still worried about his place on the grid in 2021. His Racing Point has arranged the arrival of Sebastian Vettel and the Mexican needs happiness to be sought at other addresses.

There are still very few vacancies. Red Bull have not confirmed teammate Verstappen, AlphaTauri Gasly, and Haas has two vacancies.

Perez is satisfied

Perez is fourth in the overall standings of drivers, despite the fact that he had to miss two races due to illness, he finished the last race in Turkey on the podium, so it is difficult to disagree with the statement of Ross Brown, who said it would be a tragedy if The Mexican can't find a place in a team.

"It's not in my hands. At this point, I am concentrating on a successful end to the season. If the opportunity comes, great, and if not, I'm ready to take a break for a year, ”says Checo. "I am just happy to be driving.

There were things that could have been better, I should have had at least two podiums this season and a lot more points, but it’s not ideal to miss two races in such a short championship. I am generally satisfied, especially with my consistency throughout the year, that is, through the years.

” “Is it an injustice if I don’t find a place? I think it’s part of Formula 1 and I always knew how it went. I can be considered privileged because I have had a great career, ten years in the sport so far.

If I get out of Formula 1, I can leave with a lot of pride because I’ve accomplished a lot with the material I had. Not many people have had such a career, so whatever happens, I will come to terms with it. ” Perez is 30 years old.

He scored 100 points in 12 appearances this year, 41 points more than his teammate. If Racing Point manages to win third place in the constructors' standings, which would be the best result in the history of that team, Perez deserves the most credit… and in return they showed him the exit door.