Fernando Alonso is happy after discovering Singapore's problem


Fernando Alonso is happy after discovering Singapore's problem
Fernando Alonso is happy after discovering Singapore's problem © Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

Fernando Alonso had a disappointing performance in Singapore and finished as the last of the qualified drivers. At the end of the race, the Spaniard expressed dissatisfaction with his car, which was far from what he was used to.

Alonso found out after some time that the main problem was a damaged front suspension fairing. It seems that it is easier for him now and that he already has much more optimism for the next race. "So I'm a little bit less worried about the performance in Singapore after knowing the damage that we had.

The pace was not the real one in the race and, without that, maybe we could have followed the train of the leaders and have less problems with the Alpine and then with [Sergio] Perez. Then everything would be changed after.

When you're not too fast, you get into a lot of problems. ”- Alonso said, as quoted by crash.net! Alonso is satisfied with the current project. Aston Martin has been excellent this season, and has given him everything he needs.

"I'm extremely happy with the project,” he said. "Also in difficult races like Singapore or Monza, all our debriefs, all our meetings with the factory, they are very productive. It is the weekends that we learn more in the season."

Aston Martin's progress

The most important thing is that they go step by step towards achieving their goals.

Aston Martin has shown its ambitions many times this season, but it doesn't end there. They don't want to settle for the minimum. It will be interesting to follow their development in the coming months and years. "So the steps that we plan ahead for the future, or for next year when we come to those races, are just huge.

I never saw that kind of scale in terms of ideas and things on the table. So the motivation that the team has to become a top team and the resources and the determination is just outstanding. I'm very happy."

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