Sebastian Vettel revealed what he said to Hamilton after the win

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Sebastian Vettel revealed what he said to Hamilton after the win

Sebastian Vettel revealed what he told Lewis Hamilton after a race in Turkey where both drivers finished on the podium, and Hamilton secured his seventh world title three races before the end of the season. Hamilton won 10 of 14 races this season and added two more podiums to it, and nine races started from pole position which is four races more than last year when he had a 5: 5 ratio with Bottas.

Another dominant season brought Hamilton its seventh championship title with which he equaled Michael Schumacher who retired from Formula 1 in late 2012 ahead of Hamilton’s arrival at Mercedes 2013. Vettel with four championship titles shares fourth place with Prost in the all-time rankings by number of titles, ahead of Hamilton and Schumacher with seven and Fangio with five championship titles.

Vettel achieved his first podium in Turkey this season and the first after the 2019 Mexican GP more than a year ago, and after the race he approached Hamilton while the Briton was still in the car and congratulated him on his great success.

Comparation with Schumacher

“I told him that this is very special for all of us because today we can witness the making of history,” Vettel said. "I think he is certainly the greatest driver of our era.

It’s always hard to compare, how can you compare Fangi and Stirling Moss with our generation? You can't. ” "Maybe we would be useless because we would all shit in those cars, maybe they would be useless in our cars because they are far too fast, who knows?" "It does not matter.

I think every era has its driver and Lewis is certainly the greatest driver of our era. ” “For me, emotionally, Michael will always be the greatest driver. But there is no doubt that Lewis is the greatest in terms of what he has accomplished.

He equalized the number of championships, he won more urks, he has a lot more pole positions so I think he achieved everything you can ask for. ” "Today's race was the best proof. It was a tough race, very tough to stay on the track, and he didn’t have to win it [to confirm the seventh title].

But he still won. So I think he managed to draw something special once again and that's why I think he deserves everything he has achieved. "