Max Verstappen expects big things at the Japan GP


Max Verstappen expects big things at the Japan GP
Max Verstappen expects big things at the Japan GP © Ryan Pierse / Getty Images Sport

There is optimism in Max Verstappen's mind when it comes to the upcoming races. Though the Dutchman had a disappointing race in Singapore, his ambitions for the following races are extremely high. For Verstappen, the race in Japan will be an important opportunity to win the championship.

Throughout his life, he has always been driven by a single ambition; Victory and nothing but victory. It is Max's hope that the Suzuka track will give them exactly what they need, and that this will be a great place for their car to perform well.

“I think we will be quick in Suzuka,” -Verstappen said, as quoted by! “This track is so different to Suzuka, you can't really relate. It should be good for our car. The track is always super-fun to drive so I hope as soon as we put the car on the track that it's in a good window”.

Max Verstappen and Singapore

It wasn't the best race for Red Bull at the Singapore Grand Prix. Nonetheless, Max was aware of the fact that there would be a moment when he would not be standing on the podium. In spite of this, the Dutchman is an optimist and is aware that no matter what happens in the next few races, he can still have a great run.

It will be interesting to see how Max does in the coming weeks. Max is determined to continue to work hard and stay focused on his goals. He is confident that he will be able to bounce back and have a strong finish to the season.
“I knew this day would come so for me it's absolutely fine.

Everything needs to be perfect. Like everyone is always saying 'ah, look how dominant they are, look how easy it is' But it's not easy... this weekend we didn't get a few things right and then you're on the back foot and you don't win”.

Max Verstappen