Charles Leclerc on the Ferrari 2024 project


Charles Leclerc on the Ferrari 2024 project
Charles Leclerc on the Ferrari 2024 project © Getty Images Sport/Bryn Lennon

Ferrari could look completely different in 2024, and indications of this have already been given by Charles Leclerc. The last race in Singapore was an indication that Ferrari has the qualities, but if you look at the season as a whole, this team failed to achieve its goals.

Charles Leclerc announced in an interview with the media that Ferrari is doing big things for the next season. "We learnt plenty during Monza especially about our weaknesses,” -Leclerc said, as quoted by! "After Monza we understood more things which are good for this year even though it will be a small step in the right direction but mostly for designing next year's car which is positive."

Ferrari and 2024

The previous part of the season was of great help to them, considering that they were able to understand what they currently lack.

Ferrari wants to go in the right direction, and Leclerc will be the 'main screw' in the whole story. This legendary F1 team has big ambitions. "First of all the 2024 project is very different to the car we have this year. And with everything we've learnt so far it reaffirms that it's a good choice what we've gone for next year.

The more we learn, the better it is for doing the last few details for next year's car. It's super important and it was really good to understand that before the end of the season as we still have quite a few races so we can maybe push a bit more in that direction.

There were things we tested in Monza to make sure that it was really the case, and it was. So Zandvoort and Monza we learnt a lot and that is good for this year even though I don't think it will turn our season around, for sure not.

It's a good step forwards and for next year this is a really good step forwards."
Charles is not really sure that his team has 'figured out' everything so far this season. However, he is most happy about the last race in which he showed his qualities in the best way.

"It will be easy to say that we've understood everything now. We understood good things in the last few races, whether this is all or not it's difficult to say until we've actually achieved our development programme and confirmed it was that.

So I'm not confident this is everything we had to find to close the gap to Red Bull but it's a step in the right direction for sure."

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