Charles Leclerc after Singapore: Honestly, this wasn't the plan

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Charles Leclerc after Singapore: Honestly, this wasn't the plan
Charles Leclerc after Singapore: Honestly, this wasn't the plan © Rudy Carezzevoli / Getty Images Sport

Ferrari showed its real strength at the race in Singapore. Carlos Sainz managed to win the race, and his teammate, Charles Leclerc, was a big help. After the end of the race, the Monegasque emphasized that victory was not his plan.

However, he knew that his teammate had a good chance, and they managed to achieve the goal. “Honestly, this wasn’t the plan. Since this morning, things have been very, very clear and that’s why I went on the soft,” he said, as quoted by!

“I changed my mind very last minute just to make sure that I was in front of George in the first stint because then it was really clear it was beneficial for Carlos because obviously he was making the gap. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very lucky with the Safety Cars.

That meant I had to wait inside the pits for traffic and there I basically lost the race. But all in all, the win was the priority today and we did a really good race management with the team”.

Charles Leclerc and the Hards

There was, however, a complete difference in the situation on the hards.

In those moments, Leclerc wanted nothing more than to finish the race as soon as possible. It was a very difficult race for him, not just because of the car, but also because of the pace. Once again, Ferrari has proved that they are a team that has quality, but sometimes that quality fails to come to the fore.

Singapore gave them the opportunity to demonstrate what they were capable of in a big way. In the future, this will serve as a huge motivator for them. "Then on the Hards, I was trying my best and then as soon as George and Lewis passed me, it was all about bringing the car to the end,” he said.

“The car was overheating everywhere so the pace wasn’t representative there. It was all about bringing the car to the end. Before that, the pace was good and it was good race management from the team”.

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