Toto Wolff reveals if he would use the same tactics again

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Toto Wolff reveals if he would use the same tactics again
Toto Wolff reveals if he would use the same tactics again © Francois Nel / Getty Images Sport

Toto Wolff defended his team and the tactics they used at the Singapore GP. Although they were aware of what such tactics could bring them, they decided to take a risk. Wolff emphasized that his team wanted to win, but they failed to do so.

Still, Toto would do the same. “We tried to win and we didn't,” Wolff said, as quoted by! “The positives are that I love the call from driver and strategy team to say, 'We're going for it'. Worst case was second and fifth.

Best case, we win or first and second. And our plan showed that at times. I think it was the absolute right call, we would have finished P2, P5 - maybe P2, P4, and we wanted to win the race. So, we took the risk and I would every day of the week do it again."

Toto Wolff and the race

Victory was imperative, but luck was also needed in the last moments of the race.

Wolff is happy with what he saw though, and wants to continue at the same pace. The Mercedes team has shown that they have the potential and the necessary quality. It seems that their desire is to look at things more positively.

“Overall, I'm happy about the performance. I'm happy about how the car was all weekend, and I think we gave it our best shot. I think this is the positive… we've been really strong here, we could have won the race.

We could have finished first and second on merit and that is what we need to take from here and clearly will energise us even more that, on this particular track, we were strong. Not everything is wrong. But then you see on the planner, P1 and P2 popping up at times and you think about 'Could have been an unbelievable day' and it's not.

But I'd rather then fall back on the positives of this weekend and go back home and say 'that was a good one'”.

Toto Wolff

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