Lewis Hamilton believes he can achieve much more

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Lewis Hamilton believes he can achieve much more

Last Sunday in Istanbul Lewis Hamilton came away with his tenth win of the season, and 94th overall in his career. He thus confirmed his seventh world title and equaled the number of driving titles with Michael Schumacher.

The British and Mercedes competitors have remained unanswered this year as well, and to make matters worse for them, Lewis says he has not yet reached the limits of his capabilities. “I feel like this was one of my best rides and I’m still getting better.

This is probably not what people want to hear and there are sure to be some obstacles in the future, but that’s okay. I will stumble somewhere at some point. It’s part of the growth process and I’m glad it is.

Now I am much more aware of how to deal with it, how to quickly get around those obstacles and learn something from it, ”says Hamilton after the Turkish GP.

His future

Lewis' future in Formula 1 has not yet been defined, as the continuation of cooperation and a new contract with Mercedes have yet to be agreed.

This is expected to be resolved in the coming weeks, and when asked when he turns to hunting for the eighth title, the Briton answers: "Not so fast. It’s very important to me right now, especially after everything I’ve learned this year, to live in the moment.

I want to enjoy the moment because it will pass. So I will try to appreciate it as much as I can. In the new year I can start looking as far as possible, where I can be better and what else I want to do in the world. What I can say is that I want to stay here because I don't feel that I have reached the limits of my possibilities.

” "It may seem easy to people what I'm doing, but far from it. It took me a long, long time to be as good as I was. I think I always had talent, I probably always had a tool, but I didn't know what to do with that tool.

" “Over time, I improved, focused on certain things. Every year I write down what I’m not great at because there’s a lot of what I’m not great at. It takes a lot of learning, and this year I studied more than before because I had more time.

"I didn’t understand it when I was younger, but you can’t just come and drive. The amount of work I do in the background is probably the reason why you see the results I am achieving today, ”explains the seven-time world champion.