Raikkonen is optimistic despite his poor results

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Raikkonen is optimistic despite his poor results

In the team of Alfa Romeo, enthusiasm for the result of qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix, when for the first time this season both Raikkonen and Giovinazzi entered Q3, was replaced by disappointment with a new Sunday without points.

The Italian did not finish the race on the Istanbul Park track, and the Finn entered only the 15th position. If there’s anything positive in the whole story, at least their rivals, Haas or Williams, didn’t get to the points either, as bigger surprises can sometimes happen in chaotic rain races of this type.


However, such were the expectations and they did not believe that they could achieve a slightly better result. It seems that what their team lacks the most is speed and it is necessary for the team to work on that aspect which is mainly the basic aspect of every race.

“Sure it was far from fun, but what’s there is. I think it was more or less in line with expectations. Unfortunately, we don't have the speed. Most of the time we fight to get the tires in the frame, and then ten laps work and after that they are done.

” "Honestly, we expected something like that. I think it would have been better for us if the track had remained completely wet, but fortunately even the guys we are fighting against did not win points, so it's okay ", commented Raikkonen Alpha thus remains in eighth place in the constructors' standings with eight points won.

Haas has three, Williams is at zero. It is a step closer to achieving that minimum goal this season, says team boss Frederic Vasseur. Even though they are dissatisfied with the race, there is optimism in their team and they hope and believe in better results and they can have no doubt that they will succeed in that.

“We failed to capitalize on a very good performance from the qualifiers, when we were among the fastest on the track. The race was challenging and the tires were very difficult to get in the right condition. We could probably keep our positions on the wet track, but we struggled in these conditions of gradual drying.

” “We lost Antonio early due to a technical failure and Kimi was 15. It’s not what we hoped for, but at least we didn’t lose anything compared to our rivals in the championship and we are one step closer to confirming eighth place in the standings,” Vasseur said.