Lando Norris laughed at Red Bull: I've never seen a car that bad before

"If Red Bull weren’t here I’d have had two race wins already."

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris laughed at Red Bull: I've never seen a car that bad before
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Lando Norris had a great race in Singapore and finished second. Although many expected before the start of the qualifications that Red Bull would dominate again, it turned out that they made a bad assessment. Max Verstappen finished the race as 5th.

Lando Norris had an interesting statement at the end of the race and emphasized that he was "laughing" at how bad Red Bull was. “I don’t know what they struggled with but when I watched his [Verstappen’s] onboard yesterday I kind of laughed because I've never seen a car that bad before,” Norris said, as quoted by!

“Max also laughed about it. We'll see next weekend, I think they'll be back at the top”.

Lando Norris on progress

The McLaren driver is happy with the progress of his team, but he is also aware of the fact that without Red Bull he would have had two victories so far.

This great driver is satisfied, considering that looking at the other teams besides Red Bull, it seems that McLaren is one of the better ones if we can guess from Norris's words. "If Red Bull weren’t here I’d have had two race wins already.

I think there's always been great battles for sometimes that best of the rest pack. Now the best of the rest is, I wouldn't say it's just us, I don’t Aston Martin are that far behind. They were at the beginning of the season very close but have dropped off.

AlphaTauri were very quick this weekend, just didn’t put it together when they needed to. So I think that’s great. Often if you didn't have the best team there - the best team always seems to dominate and take away the show from the rest of it." Norris talked about the potential options that could have happened this season.

There could be various outcomes, and Norris' assumptions only tell what the influence of one team is on the other. "But if you took away Mercedes a few years ago and you take away Red Bull now, the battles for the rest of the positions have been incredible, and many different winners every race or every season.

And even for us this year, if we could compete a bit more against Red Bull, Mercedes would have won, Ferrari would have won. We potentially could have won in Silverstone and Budapest. So yeah, I have dreamed a little bit but I'm sure they are going to be back on back on track next weekend”.

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