Lewis Hamilton destroys Red Bull Helmut Marko for his racist comments

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Lewis Hamilton destroys Red Bull Helmut Marko for his racist comments
Lewis Hamilton destroys Red Bull Helmut Marko for his racist comments © Clive Rose / Staff Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton frontally attacked Helmut Marko, the consultant of the Austrian Red Bull team, who had used a racist expression against Sergio Perez, before apologizing. The British Mercedes driver said: "Helmut Marko's words were completely unacceptable, they are not something to apologize for and everything is fine, I think more should be done.

There are a lot of people in the background who are really trying to fight this kind of thing, but it's difficult to move if there are people at the top who have that kind of mentality that prevents us from progressing.

What Marko said honestly doesn't surprise me.

On the one hand we say that there is no room for discrimination in this sport, on the other we hear leaders saying certain things. It's not good for us, it's not good for Formula 1. All of this highlights how much work still needs to be done at this juncture.

A lot of people, even within the paddock, try to fight this kind of thing, but it's a difficult mission and it's a shame."

What happened

Marko had attacked Perez between Monza and Singapore, saying: "Perez certainly had a splendid weekend in Monza, perhaps one of the best ever.

We know he has problems in qualifying, he has ups and downs. He's South American, he's not so completely mentally focused like Max or Sebastian, for example."

After the rain of criticism received, Perez clarified how Helmut Marko had both clarified and apologized to him privately, as well as in an official manner publicly: "Obviously those comments can appear very disrespectful, reading them in isolation.

But I know Helmut and having a personal relationship helps me understand it. I know he didn't mean how negative it seems and I wasn't offended."

Marko has always been at the center of controversy and controversies. During the lockdown, for example, we recall he proposed a camp for the Red Bull drivers: "We have four Formula 1 drivers, and eight or ten juniors.

The idea is to organize a camp where we could fill this time with races, mentally and physically, a little dead. And this would be an ideal time to contract the infection. We're talking about young, strong, very healthy guys."

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