Lando Norris excited about the new upgrade

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Lando Norris excited about the new upgrade
Lando Norris excited about the new upgrade © Clive Rose / Getty Images Sport

The Singapore Grand Prix will see Lando Norris unveil an "exciting" upgrade for his McLaren F1 car. Although McLaren is not having the season they expected, Norris believes that this upgrade will be a big thing and something they've been waiting for a long time.

However, Norris and the rest of the team do not want to say anything in advance, considering they are aware this does not guarantee an excellent result.
"Probably since Austria, it is the thing that we believe will kind of help us move forward the most since then,” he said, as quoted by!

"Obviously, we've not run it on the track yet and so we don't want to say too much until we've actually got it to work properly but it's a good step. The team have worked hard to get it on one of the cars here, and then we'll have the rest in Japan too.

So it is an exciting couple of weekends for us”.

Slow-speed focus

Slow-speed is the main focus of this upgrade. Recent performances may cause optimism for McLaren. This will create even more excitement. However, they must confirm their excitement at the race and reach a positive result.

"Sometimes we would put stuff on and it's not really delivered to what we wanted or what it should have done," he said. "But definitely up to Austria and how much we kind of progressed since then, it gives me more hope. It's also a bit more slower speed biased, which is a bit different to what we had in Austria.

This is our first time we've been able to really try to target that a bit more”. Norris, on the other hand, emphasizes that this upgrade will not help him with some things he would like. “I think it's not going to help in exactly the places where, from a driving style point of view, I would probably want it, but it should just help with a little bit of overall loads, cornering speeds and just kind of consistency, tyre wear traction, things like that. It is just performance enhancement, it's not like something to make me feel better in the car”.

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