Ross Brawn on Hamilton: "I was lucky to see this kind of dominance already once"

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Ross Brawn on Hamilton: "I was lucky to see this kind of dominance already once"

The Turkish Grand Prix, held for the first time since 2011, offered several outstanding stories that were touched upon by Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn in his review of the race. First, he couldn’t avoid commenting on Lewis Hamilton’s seventh driver’s title.

Brawn worked at Ferrari while Michael Schumacher won his titles, was later a member of the Mercedes team and is happy to have had the opportunity to work with both seven-time world champions. “Huge congratulations to Lewis.

He showed in the race what an exceptional talent he is. I always follow Lewis' comments via radio during the race because he suggests that things are not going well, which is always fun, but in the end he always does the job.

” “Although Mercedes struggled with a lack of speed on slippery surfaces and in cold conditions, he remained patient throughout the race. He thought strategically and pressed when needed. His tires worked when no one else did.

It was a perfect demonstration of what he is - a seven-time world champion, equaling Michael's record. " “It’s a dominance that most people witness only once in their automotive careers. I was lucky to see it twice and work with both, Lewis and Michael.

They’re different characters, which is wonderful because you don’t want to have metronomic characters in F1. Lewis is different from Michael in how he approaches things, but in essence, they both have God-given talent.

Sergio Perez

Another big story of Sunday’s race was the return to the podium of Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel. It was the first place on the podium for both of them this season, and it is especially important for the German whose season was extremely problematic.

"The old guard demonstrated their experience, and the young contenders showed that they have more to learn. It was fascinating to see Sebastian perform this weekend. People tend to write off an athlete quickly if a weaker period happens to him.

” “Sunday reminded us of his great talent. He stayed in Charles ’shadow this year and approaching the end of his marriage to Ferrari was not easy for him, so I think the Turkish Grand Prix is ​​a great thing for him.

He did not take the wrong step and was ready to seize every opportunity that opened up. ” "Perez had a great performance and as I said once, it would be a tragedy if he is not in F1 next year. He really deserves it.

If the team wants a competitive driver who will always maximize every opportunity, Perez is the right man, ”said Ross Brawn