Legendary F1 driver: Max Verstappen can win 8 championships

"Obviously, he's been superior to his team-mates all the time"

by Sead Dedovic
Legendary F1 driver: Max Verstappen can win 8 championships
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Max Verstappen is the man who works wonders this season. It's incredible how easily the Dutchman wins and confirms the dominance of his team. It is hard to imagine anyone else as the winner in the following races, that speaks volumes about his dominance.

Former F1 world champion Jody Scheckter is also impressed by Verstappen and his qualities. Jody thinks that sometimes it is boring, but that Max is currently far from other drivers. "Well, I fought hard for my wins and they came every now and again.

But no, it's incredible. Obviously, he's been superior to his team-mates all the time"- he said, as quoted by gpfans.com! The former F1 champion believes that Max has everything he needs to break the record of Hamilton and Schumacher and win 8 F1 titles.

If he continues with this kind of dominance in the coming years, no one doubts that he will really achieve his goal. "Doesn't matter who went in there, and he's got the car to win now. I think it's all together, granted, can't put anything against it.

If he has this dominance all the time, it could be maybe eight [world championships], I don't know."

Schecketer on Max Verstappen

Although this is the third season in which Max will probably win the title, Scheckter believes that during the first season, Verstappen was too aggressive.

However, this legendary driver does not hold a grudge against him and is aware that the Dutchman really has great qualities. In the end, Red Bull can be happy to have such a 'diamond' in the team.
"I think he's brilliant, actually.

I think in the first year he was too aggressive, but now, I can't fault him for anything at the moment. He's as good as I've ever seen." The very next race in Singapore will be an opportunity for Verstappen to confirm his dominance and cause fear in others.

Max Verstappen