Max Verstappen: I don't want to be like Hamilton and Alonso


Max Verstappen: I don't want to be like Hamilton and Alonso
Max Verstappen: I don't want to be like Hamilton and Alonso © Quinn Rooney / Getty Images Sport

Max Verstappen has often emphasized in his interviews that he does not plan to have a long-term career. This is extremely clear evidence of the fact that the Dutchman has a very specific goal in his career, and he is striving to achieve it as quickly as possible.

There is hardly anyone who can stop him this season, and he is doing a great job. Having said that, if he were to continue at this pace next seasons, he would probably be able to break the records that his predecessors already set.

Nevertheless, Max did make it clear in one of the conversations that he does not intend to be part of the F1 scene in the 40's like Hamilton and Alonso.
“No, absolutely not. No desire. No, I have my mind already set on what I want to do also outside of Formula 1.

It’s a big passion of mine, and I want to make that happen as well”. - Verstappen said, as quoted by!

Max Verstappen: We need to improve

Although his team has absolute dominance, Max Verstappen believes that this should not be a reason to relax.

In fact, this is the reason why he and his team give their best and try to make even greater progress. It's unbelievable what a winning mentality Max has. With such a mentality, he made great achievements and reached these heights.

Red Bull did a great thing by hiring Max, and the future could bring even better things for them.
“Don’t have a lazy attitude of ‘we are winning, why do we need to improve?’ Because you need to improve.

Because if you’re not improving, you’re standing still, and you’re going backwards. So I think it’s all about that”. It will be interesting to see how long Red Bull's dominance can last.

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