Helmut Marko announced the return of Vettel: Sebastian still has other plans?!

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Helmut Marko announced the return of Vettel: Sebastian still has other plans?!
Helmut Marko announced the return of Vettel: Sebastian still has other plans?! © Rudy Carezzevoli / Getty Images Sport

In a recent interview with ServusTV, Helmut Marko talked about Sebastian Vettel's return to F1. Although there have been indications that Vettel will return to F1, few expect it to be in the driver's seat. Marko still expects such things.

“I think Sebastian feels somehow without a specific task at the moment, doesn’t know exactly what he should do. He has to make a decision somewhere,” he said, as quoted by motorsportweek.com! “I think the driver situation is not over for him yet." Marko emphasized that Vettel is not an option for Red Bull in the future.

“Besides Verstappen, I honestly don’t want to do that to him”, Marko said. “And now we have contracts. They last for a relatively long time. Perez is fixed until 2024”. AlphaTauri is also an unrealistic option, judging by Marko's statements.

“We already have an experienced driver in Daniel Ricciardo. And when Sebastian comes back, I think he just wants to be in a top team and drive for victories again."

Sebastian Vettel

At the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Vettel drove his championship-winning 2011 Red Bull for the second time.

The main goal of everything was the promotion of e-fuel. It seems that Vettel is not thinking about returning at the moment and that he is focused on completely different things. He also recently confirmed that he has no intention of returning as a driver, but it is difficult to predict what will actually happen.

“It is a good feeling. It’s a bit of a time travel and nostalgic, because a lot of memories come up again. For me it is – egoistically speaking – a great opportunity and experience to sit in the car and feel it.

But I think it combines my joy. On the one hand, everything that resonates with nostalgia, but on the other hand there is also the possibility of making the whole thing a little more responsible with e-fuels and ‘Race without Trace’.

It’s important to me to show that everyone can have fun, but that you at least try to think about alternatives and don’t say: ‘It goes on like this forever’, but rather take it into account and think about it on a large and small scale.

what you can do. I believe that the e-fuels that we now have in cars may not be the general solution for everything, but it is a first step and a sign that we as a motorsport community can think about it. If we care so much about our sport, then we should strive to preserve it”.

Helmut Marko Red Bull

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