Vettel believes Ferrari could have won

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Vettel believes Ferrari could have won

Sebastian Vettel believes Ferrari could have won the Turkish GP had they had the courage to put on dry tires at the end of the race, but they were all chilled by the announcement of heavy rain in the final lap. Vettel got off to a great start from 11th place and was fourth at the end of the first lap, and in the last lap of the race he took advantage of Leclerc’s mistake and secured third place, his first podium since Mexico last year.

Ferrari had the best race of the season with their 27 points and came close to Renault with only six points behind in the fight for fifth place, while they are 24 points behind the third Racing Point, three races before the end.

Vettel is pleased with his race and understands the team’s decision to stay on intemediate tires due to the announcement of rain, but believes they could have won had they switched to dry tires. I had a very good first round and I think I was already fourth, ”said Vettel.

"I was pretty happy on full rain tires, but when we switched to intermediates it was a little harder at first and we only found the speed towards the end." "The last round was very intense. I'm a little surprised by the podium, but I'm very happy.


Dry tires

Vettel asked the team what they thought about switching to dry tires, but due to the announced rain, they still did not decide to risk third and fourth place. “I was thinking about dry tires 20 laps before the end because the track was constantly drying out and the tires were worn out so we practically drove in the pictures,” he said.

"I really wish we had moved on to the pictures because I think we would have had a chance to win, but I'm just as happy with third place." Vettel also described how he saw the outcome of the fight for second and third place in the last round.

"I saw that Charles was pretty close to Sergio and I heard that Sergio was struggling with tires," Vettel said. “In the circles before that I had already caught up with them and I saw them fighting. As soon as I saw Charles block the wheels I saw an opportunity.

It was close with Sergio as well because I don't think he had any tires left. " With today's podium, Vettel advanced from 14th to 13th place in the drivers' standings, while Leclerc remained fifth - overtaken by Perez, but both overtook Ricciardo, who won only one point today.