Levis Hamilton made a childhood dream come true

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Levis Hamilton made a childhood dream come true

Lewis Hamilton says that this year he sacrificed himself more than ever to win the record seventh world title in strange circumstances for everyone, with which he equaled Michael Schumacher, but he did not dream of even in his ‘craziest dreams’.

Hamilton secured his seventh title three races before the end, his sixth in seven years, and his only competitor was teammate Bottas who had a disastrous race in which he spun five times and ran out of points.
Hamilton, like any young driver, dreamed of such things and believed that he could achieve success, but he certainly did not expect such a huge success.

Still, all his efforts paid off “I know we often say, or at least I say, that something is beyond my wildest dreams, but I think I’ve secretly dreamed of something as big as this my whole life,” Hamilton commented of his record achievement.

"It simply came to our notice then. I remember when Michael won those championships, we all did the best we could and it's hard to win one title, especially two or three. "

Hamilton's team

Hamilton has achieved a success that is hard to dream of, but he is not the only one who deserves such success.

The team that guarded his back and that was by his side helped a lot to achieve what he is "That's why winning seven titles is unthinkable. But when you work with such a great group of people and when you communicate with them, trust them and listen to each other, then there is no end to what we can do together.

” "I am just so proud of what we have done. And their confidence in me, as they showed today [when Hamilton decided to stay on the old tires despite the announced rain], comes with experience. ” "This year has been so hard, I didn't go out, I didn't go to dinner, I just stayed in my bubble."

"I got room service every day, nothing particularly exciting because I had a championship I had to fight for." "I think this year I have sacrificed more than ever in my whole life. That has made this year quite difficult.

” “I want to share memories like these with my family as soon as I can, to be with my friends. I want to share this success with them. ” Truly this kind of success is for great respect and we can only say that it is nice to live in the Hamilton era