Max Verstappen 'deliberately made a mistake': Hamilton won 6 titles!

“I mean, I’m not very sure,” Verstappen said, “I don’t read Wikipedia.”

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen 'deliberately made a mistake': Hamilton won 6 titles!
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Max Verstappen is on the verge of breaking many records in F1 this season. The last in a series of records was the victory in Monza, which meant 10 consecutive victories for the Dutchman. Although Verstappen has shown optimism and faith in himself many times in his career, he emphasized that he did not believe in this kind of success before the start of the season.

Max is happy for himself, but also for the team that made this success possible. Unity is felt in Red Bull, and it is obvious that they have quality people in the team. "Of course it’s something you don’t expect to happen,” Verstappen said, as quoted by!

“I never thought at the beginning of the season that something like this was possible. So I’m just very proud, but also just very happy with the race in general. I’m very proud also of the whole team effort, the whole year already.

What we are doing at the moment winning every race this year is something that we definitely are enjoying, because I don’t think these kind of seasons come around very often, and that’s the same of course as winning 10 in a row”.

Max Verstappen

The Dutchman made many laugh. Namely, many people are familiar with Toto Wolff's comment from a few days ago, in which he emphasized that Max's record means nothing and that it is only 'for Wikipedia' During the discussion about Hamilton's records and 7 titles, Max emphasized that the Briton won 6 titles.

The reporter corrected his 'mistake' “It is seven. It’s in the history books. You can look it up,” the reporter corrected him. “I mean, I’m not very sure,” Verstappen said. “I don’t read Wikipedia”.

Mercedes and Red Bull are at war, and it has been going on for some time. Sparks seem to have reached their 'peak' now.

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