Toto Wolff: F1 must not become scripted content like WWE

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Toto Wolff: F1 must not become scripted content like WWE
Toto Wolff: F1 must not become scripted content like WWE © Francois Nel / Getty Images Sport

Considering Red Bull's dominance, many believe that new regulations should be applied, with the aim of making F1 more competitive with more teams in the race for the championship. The question is whether F1 leaders will really make such moves and make big changes. Toto Wolff, Mercedes CEO, does not want to see such things.

He is aware that such changes will lead to various reactions. "As a team principal, I don't want to jump on the bandwagon that others have done of saying 'we need to change the regulations because we can't continue with the dominance of a team'," Wolff said, as quoted by!

Wolff has nothing against Max Verstappen's dominance. He believes that his team must do everything in order to be able to compete with Red Bull. Regardless of the fact that they will need some time, Toto believes that patience is the most important thing.

"If a team dominates in the way Max has done with Red Bull? Fair dues. This is a meritocracy. As long as you comply with the regulations - technical, sporting and financial - you just need to say 'well done'. It's up to us to catch up.

If that takes a long time, then it takes a long time”.

Toto Wolff: You can't be WWE, scripted content

The Austrian does not want things to be scripted like in WWE. Even while his team was dominating, there were many comments about them and the regulations change.

He does not want to see such things in the future on the F1 scene.
"I remember people crying foul, when it was us," Wolff said. "Entertainment follows the sport, not the other way around. You can't be WWE, scripted content.

We don't want scripted content." We will see what the F1 leaders will decide. It is certain that Red Bull's dominance frustrates many, but the fact is that other teams also had opportunities for such things.

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