Sergio Perez won second place in Turkish GP

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Sergio Perez won second place in Turkish GP

At the very end of the Turkish Grand Prix, Sergio Perez came under great pressure from Ferrari drivers. Although the tires on his Racing Point were in critical condition, he somehow endured it all and won second place. He showed his knowledge again and despite the problems that befell him he managed to calm his head, focus on the race and get to the second place.

When we talk about the opportunities he had, he did not manage to use them, but he did not give up and he believed in himself, which brought him a good result. The Mexican has already had several good opportunities to place on the podium this season, for example in Austria and recently in Imola, but he failed to realize those opportunities.

In Istanbul, he finally reached his first podium this season, and the ninth in his career. His team almost lost, but they managed to get the result they wanted. His team now has a lot of points and it looks like a bright future awaits them if they continue as before

Deserved result

"In the last race, we really missed the strategy, and I think the team deserved this.

Great result for us but still, we were so close to losing it all because the Ferraris were attacking violently. It was a big challenge to preserve those tires until the end and the end of the race came at just the right time for us.

We won a lot of points and I am very pleased with that, ”said the Mexican after the race. Perez was in boxing in the tenth lap when he switched from rain tires to intermediates. After 48 laps they were completely spent.

"They told me on the radio that after another lap those tires would probably explode. The vibrations were horrible towards the end. I think our race was marked by keeping those tires at the beginning and that helped us later when the track dried up.

I think the team has done a fantastic job in terms of strategy, reading the race. ” With this great performance, Perez jumped to the fourth position of the overall ranking of drivers and now has three points more than Leclerc, and four points more than Ricciardo.

Leclerc attacked the Mexican in the last lap and everything could have ended differently, but the Ferrari driver eventually lost his position to Vettel and finished fourth.