Helmut Marko expects the return of Sebastian Vettel in the role of driver

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Helmut Marko expects the return of Sebastian Vettel in the role of driver
Helmut Marko expects the return of Sebastian Vettel in the role of driver © Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

After his career came to an end, Sebastian Vettel decided to take time to spend with his family and make up for the time he had missed out on. Nevertheless, Vettel's love for F1 is still there, and it seems possible that he may return to the sport again in the future.

As of now, it is not known what role he will be playing, but many people expect him to return. Helmut Marko, who is one of the most important members of the Red Bull team, expects Vettel to be able to return soon. The former F1 driver believes that Vettel could try again as a driver.

“I think Sebastian feels somehow without a specific task at the moment, doesn’t know exactly what he should do. He has to make a decision somewhere,” he told ServusTV, as quoted by planetf1.com! “I think the driver situation is not over for him yet”.

Reporters were interested in the possibility of Vettel returning to Red Bull. Helmut Marko emphasized that there are no chances for that. "Besides Verstappen, I honestly don’t want to do that to him. And now we have contracts.

They last for a relatively long time. Perez is fixed until 2024”.

Sebastian Vettel and AlphaTauri

He also ruled out the option of Vettel coming to AlphaTauri. “We already have an experienced driver in Daniel Ricciardo.

And when Sebastian comes back, I think he just wants to be in a top team and drive for victories again”. A few months ago, Sebastian Vettel talked about the possibility of a return and a potential management role. The German did not rule out such an option, but for now, it seems that there is nothing to come of it.

“I don’t know yet. Let’s see what ends up being a project. But so far I’m doing very well with my decision to retire. I do miss the competition and the excitement the most”.

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