Fernando Alonso: Verstappen and Hamilton 'didn't build' a winning team


Fernando Alonso: Verstappen and Hamilton 'didn't build' a winning team
Fernando Alonso: Verstappen and Hamilton 'didn't build' a winning team © Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

Although many associate the success of teams with F1 drivers and believe that the drivers are the most deserving of why certain teams have experienced enormous progress and popularity, Fernando Alonso does not agree with such a theory.

The Spaniard believes that changes in regulations played a major role in the dominance of the teams. “I think this is something that is always said about drivers ‘building’ teams,” -Alonso said, as quoted by crash.net!

“But when Lewis went to Mercedes, he didn’t ‘build’ anything. It was just a change in regulations that built everything for him. And when Max joined Toro Rosso and Red Bull it was still Hamilton winning everything.

He didn’t ‘build’ a winning Red Bull team. In 2021 it was very close between them, and now with the change in regulations last year, Red Bull win every race so far this season."

Fernando Alonso explains the reasons for dominance

Recently, we often heard that Red Bull is building a team around Max Verstappen and adapting to his demands.

Alonso disagrees with that. He emphasized again that there are several factors that will decide why a team has dominance. “So I don’t know exactly what we mean when we say you can ‘build’ teams around you because I think this is a sport where, you know, technical decisions, technical regulations, inspiration from the design office or wind tunnel or something like that normally makes more difference than your input, your feedback, your personality, or your way of driving”.

Many may not agree with Alonso, but it is certain that in the dominance of one team, there are several factors responsible for success. Currently, Red Bull is leading the way and is far from its competition. It is hard to imagine that anyone other than Verstappen can win the championship in the end.

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