"Max Verstappen would like Lewis Hamilton in Red Bull to beat him!

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"Max Verstappen would like Lewis Hamilton in Red Bull to beat him!
"Max Verstappen would like Lewis Hamilton in Red Bull to beat him! © Lars Baron / Staff Getty Images Sport

Max Verstappen would like Lewis Hamilton in Red Bull to beat him. 1997 Formula 1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve gave an interesting interview in which he explained: "Once Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes were the winners and no one complained.

Because they didn't complain about Lewis' victories, but now he are they doing for Max? I don't understand. Red Bull doesn't care about the second driver, they have Max. He can win and they are in front. They are getting what they want also in terms of image.

Why on earth would they hire a young man who wants to prove that he is the new world champion and cause problems? I think Max probably would have wanted Hamilton by his side, to prove to the world that he could beat him. But I'm not sure that this desire met the will of Red Bull." Verstappen made his debut in 2015 at the wheel of Toro Rosso, only to be promoted to Red Bull Racing at the expense of Russian driver Daniil Kvyat in mid-2016.

In 2016, by triumphing in the Spanish Grand Prix, he became the youngest driver to win a race of the Formula 1 world championship, at just 18 years, 7 months and 15 days. Furthermore, in 2022 he became the driver with the most victories in a season, 15, surpassing the previous record of 13, belonging jointly to the Germans Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

In 2023 he breaks the record of 10 consecutive victories, obtaining the tenth victory in a row at the Italian Grand Prix. His competition number is 33, but in 2022 and 2023 he uses the number 1 as the reigning world champion.

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez's stay at Red Bull is not a given

The driver said: "Every year, in F1, you learn many new things, and that's why I love my sport. With the season I've had, it's important to race the last races in an environment where I feel I can give my contribution.

If in 2024 there is no longer a place for me, we will have to try to find a good alternative. There are complicated moments, because it is not easy to be in this environment with so much pressure. Max always maintains his level, I don't , especially when development started.

I started to struggle because I had to think a lot, and when at 300 km/h you think about how to take a corner, it's not easy at all."

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