Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton can become a Team Principal or CEO

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Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton can become a Team Principal or CEO
Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton can become a Team Principal or CEO © Lars Baron / Staff Getty Images Sport

Lewis Hamilton is one of the F1 drivers who currently has the most experience. This could be an important factor in the future. Namely, many people wonder if Hamilton will have a plan to try another role in F1 after his career ends.

Judging by the statements of Toto Wolff, Hamilton could have an important role in Mercedes even after the end of his career. It's obvious that the Briton wants to help his team even after he decides it's time to end his driving career!

Hamilton has already expressed his desire to work with Mercedes in some capacity after his retirement from the sport. He has also expressed his willingness to help nurture the next generation of F1 drivers. It is clear that Lewis Hamilton is determined to remain involved with F1, even after his driving days are over.

"We spoke about our sponsorships and how he will still be involved in the future,” -Toto Wolff told Sky Sports, as quoted by! “This is why it took a long time to sign the contract. He will end his career with us because I can’t see him in another team.

I think he can become a Team Principal or CEO; he has the right skills and personality. Lewis shaped this sport, and he will remain in F1”.

Lewis Hamilton and his future

In an interview with Sky Sports a few days ago, Lewis Hamilton emphasized that he is still unsure how long his driving career will last.

Many factors can influence his decision, and he is aware that he can change his mind at any moment.
“I could come back next year and be like 'damn it' Who knows? You never know where you are going to be in life but right now I'm very focused on staying positive every day. I know that's not easy for anyone."

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