Helmut Marko: Max was quite nervous. He can win all the races to the end!

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Helmut Marko: Max was quite nervous. He can win all the races to the end!
Helmut Marko: Max was quite nervous. He can win all the races to the end! © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Dr. Helmut Marko emphasized after the Italian GP that Max Verstappen was quite nervous. However, the Dutchman denied Marko's statement after the race. “Max was relatively nervous before this tenth win, where normally he isn’t.

The record means a lot to Max so I hope that has now been resolved because I don’t think ten wins is the end either”. Max replied; “I wasn’t nervous." Breaking the record, Max caused various reactions.

Toto Wolff is one of the first to react; “I don’t know if Max cares about these records because it wouldn’t be important to me. It’s something for Wikipedia and no one reads that”. Wolff believes that Verstappen has a much easier job than Hamilton had when he dominated, given that both drivers were in the fight for the title.

“Our situation was slightly different because we had two drivers within the team who competed against each other”. - Toto said.

Helmut Marko on Red Bull's dominance

Helmut Marko is delighted with the current dominance.

He thinks that Max can win all the races until the end. However, Marko is cautious, given that certain obstacles may appear. However, if things remain as before, Marko has no doubt that Verstappen can succeed in his goal. "A technical problem can hinder us or a crash or something like that, but nothing else can.

Max has never won in Singapore so he will want to do that, and if he can win there too, I am optimistic that we can win the rest of the races as well”. Engine overheating is currently the only concern for the Dutchman.

Marko also confirmed it. However, no one doubts the qualities of Red Bull, and that they can solve a lot of things. “We had to pay a little attention to that, especially as Carlos Sainz was fighting so hard”.

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