Max Verstappen angry at Toto Wolff's comments: It's not like that

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Max Verstappen angry at Toto Wolff's comments: It's not like that
Max Verstappen angry at Toto Wolff's comments: It's not like that © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Toto Wolff was surprised by the huge difference between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez during the Dutch GP. Wolff could not remain silent about such a situation. In an interview after the race, the Austrian had an interesting view of the whole situation.

It seems that Wolff believes that the entire Red Bull concept revolves around Verstappen and that Sergio Perez has been neglected at this point. “I mean, Checo is not an idiot,” Wolff said, as quoted by!

“We have seen in all these years. Checo is a grand prix winner, a multiple grand prix winner. And he was [already a winner] at Racing Point. So I cannot comprehend. I mean, we’ve seen Max has destroyed every single team-mate that was with him, whether it’s his ability to create a car around himself that is just very tricky to control – but fast if you can [control it] – and that makes those gaps.

The 1.3s. I haven’t heard any obvious explanations. But… odd”.

Max Verstappen reacts

Max Verstappen immediately retaliated and reacted to Wolff's words. The Dutchman believes that Wolff's statements are meaningless and have no basis.

Max wanted to have the fastest cars, and the team obviously decided to give him that. His dominance this year is truly impressive! "B comments! It's not like that. I just drive the car the fastest way possible. I’m not there to tell the guys to give me more because that’s how I like it.

I just say ‘Design me the fastest car and I’ll drive around that’ because every single year, every car drives a little bit differently. People ask ‘What is your driving style?’ My driving style is not something particular.

I adapt to what I need for the car to go quick. For me, what is very important is that you are able to adapt your driving style to what the car needs”.

Max Verstappen Toto Wolff

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