Fernando Alonso: Lewis Hamilton doesn't have to retire, he is faster than anyone

“Age can sometimes be a problem with demotivation"- Alonso said

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso: Lewis Hamilton doesn't have to retire, he is faster than anyone
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Lewis Hamilton, judging by Mercede's statements, will continue his career in this team for the next two years. His competitor on the F1 track, Fernando Alonso, commented on the fact that Lewis will race in his 40s. Alonso is one of those who, despite his age, does not intend to end his career and believes that he still has a lot to offer.

The Spaniard stressed that Hamilton has the quality and everything needed to continue his career. At that age, people can sometimes be demotivated. Their goals become to focus on other things. Alonso and Hamilton are proof that love for F1 conquers all.

"Until now, no one has shown it to me so far,” -Fernando Alonso said, as quoted by crash.net! “Age can sometimes be a problem with demotivation, or you see that you are no longer at 100% of your performance – or your focus and your concerns are other than F1.

Something like that can happen with age and because of the life we have. But in the case of Hamilton, who continues to perform at 100% and his concern is F1 – like in my case – it isn’t a problem. When someone faster comes, we’ll talk, but at the moment, Hamilton is faster than anyone”.

Lewis Hamilton on Fernando Alonso

Lewis Hamiton did not forget to praise Alonso who was great at the Dutch GP last weekend. The Spaniard finished second and once again showed that he was not afraid of anyone and that he possessed the necessary qualities.

When you have a huge love for F1. When you are motivated to do that work every day, then you have no problem making a good result. "It just shows that your talent never leaves you as long as you have that passion and commitment”. We will see what the future holds for both of them.

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