George Russell names his ideal teammate when Lewis Hamilton leaves

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George Russell names his ideal teammate when Lewis Hamilton leaves
George Russell names his ideal teammate when Lewis Hamilton leaves © David Ramos / Getty Images Sport

George Russell is the great hope of Mercedes. There are high expectations from this young driver in the coming period. Having Hamilton as a teammate is a big deal and a good foundation for career advancement. However, Lewis will have to retire at some point, and Russell will get a new teammate.

In a conversation with Canal+, George received an interesting question; “If you could pick your next teammate, who would you pick? And why?” The Briton surprised many with his answer. Namely, his ideal teammate would be Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman is currently the most dominant person in F1. He is far from others, and a new title could soon come to his address. Russell has the motive to compete with the best, and he is also aware that he would have something to learn from Max.

George would improve even more. "I’d pick Max. Because when I joined Mercedes to be teammates with Lewis, Lewis was and is regarded as the best driver of all time. You want to go against the best, test yourself against the best, learn from the best."- Russell said, as quoted by!

George Russell

The Briton has learned a lot from Hamilton in the time they've been teammates. Although Lewis is now in a slump, and his car cannot match Verstappen's, Russell can still learn a lot from him. The F1 future seems to have never been more interesting.

Max and Russell would really be great teammates. “For me, having these 18 months alongside Lewis has been really, really great to push my boundaries, to learn more about myself as a driver and as an individual. And obviously Max is at the top of his game, right now. Destroying Formula 1. So we’d all want to go against Max, and see how we get on”.

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