Ralf Schumacher: Perez will leave Red Bull, Marko can no longer tolerate mistakes

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Ralf Schumacher: Perez will leave Red Bull, Marko can no longer tolerate mistakes
Ralf Schumacher: Perez will leave Red Bull, Marko can no longer tolerate mistakes © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Ex-F1 driver Ralf Schumacher is not optimistic about Sergio Perez's future at Red Bull. Schumacher believes that Helmut Marko will no longer have patience for him and that the Mexican will leave Red Bull in the near future.

In his Sky Deutschland column, Schumacher emphasized that the mistakes that Perez makes are unlikely to be tolerated by Marko anymore. "Sergio Perez once again made a mistake when he drove into the barriers at the entrance to the pits and this action also resulted in a penalty that cost him second place in the end,” he wrote, as quoted by crash.net!

I think his days at Red Bull are numbered. Dr. Helmut Marko is not exactly known for his warm-hearted way of dealing with Perez. I think that Perez as a guy can’t deal with that so well, that’s how I explain these serious mistakes." Schumacher guesses that Perez already knows that he could end his story at Red Bull and that this is exactly the reason why he is not in the mood at the moment.

“Perez looked very grumpy, disappointed, and also absent all weekend. I think that there were already agreements about a separation after the end of the season”.

Schumacher on Norris at Red Bull

Rumors have been circulating for several days that Lando Norris could succeed Perez at Red Bull.

However, this young driver has also recently emphasized that he sees his future in McLaren. The question is whether he can resist Red Bull's call if it really comes.
“I could imagine Lando Norris becoming Verstappen’s new teammate sooner.

The two seem to be good friends. I assume that Verstappen will ultimately decide who will be his teammate. This is nothing unusual. That was already the case with Senna, my brother also had this right. When a driver like Verstappen contributes so much to the team’s success, I also think it’s good that you have your back as free as possible”.

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