Jenson Button thinks Hamilton needs a stronger colleague to have a real challenge

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Jenson Button thinks Hamilton needs a stronger colleague to have a real challenge

Jenson Button believes that Lewis Hamilton needs a stronger teammate in order to have a real challenge ahead of him because otherwise he will continue to win the championship titles without any problems until he retires from Formula 1.

Hamilton has won all the championship titles since 2014 except 2016 when he was defeated by teammate Rosberg, and Mercedes is showing no signs of giving up despite minor or major rule changes. Button joined Hamilton at McLaren in 2010 with Brawn as the 2009 world champion with whom he spent three seasons and beat him in 2011 which is only the second time in 14 seasons that Hamilton has finished behind a teammate at the end of the season.

“All you can say is that he did the best job he could and that the team did a fantastic job, they are not defeated in the hybrid era,” Button told Autosport. "I do not see that changing. He will continue until he decides to stop or until he gets a colleague who can challenge him.

He definitely learned from his colleagues and is definitely a more complete driver than when we were colleagues. But if he had a colleague like Max, we would see another Lewis. ” Button thinks that Hamilton is the best at the moment, which is not difficult to conclude, but if he does not have competition soon, he will continue his dominance and still no one will be able to match him.

"He must have that challenge or he will just repeat the same thing and continue to win championships. He needs someone to challenge both him and Mercedes. You can't blame them because it's easier when they have one driver who is faster than another.

” "I know Valtteri is close in qualifying and sometimes beats him, but his speed in the race this season is not even close to Lewis."

Three drivers can challenge Hamilton

Button believes that only three drivers in the current F1 can challenge Hamilton.

"I don't think George [Russell] is ready yet, there aren't many who are. Max, Charles and Daniel Ricciardo, they are ready to challenge Lewis. ” "I'd like to see Danny Rick against Lewis because I think he'd hit Lewis mentally hard."

“He would be quick and make everyone laugh, he would be so relaxed, down to earth. He is a real character and I know that would be difficult for most drivers. "