Lewis Hamilton goes on an extreme diet: I ate a lot during the break!

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Lewis Hamilton goes on an extreme diet: I ate a lot during the break!
Lewis Hamilton goes on an extreme diet: I ate a lot during the break! © Lars Baron / Getty Images Sport

Lewis Hamilton seems to have been quite active during the summer break but in a completely different way. The Briton needed a rest in order to recharge his batteries for what was to come. This popular F1 driver revealed where he spent his vacation and it seems that he had some nice moments with his relatives.

However, Hamilton is most concerned about the fact that he ate a lot. He gained even four kilos, and now he wants to go on an extreme diet and regain the kilos he had. No one doubts that Lewis will really succeed in his intention.

“I did the first week in LA with my niece and nephew," he said at the Dutch GP, as quoted by crash.net! “It was really sunny and beautiful - I was mostly working when I was over there. I did some hiking in the mountains and then I had a real unplugged rest in the sun so I got a really good tan.


Lewis Hamilton and his weight: I was almost 77 kilos on Saturday

"Otherwise, just competing with my niece and nephew everyday - running and jumping in the ocean. My niece, she just wants to do cannonball all of the time.

I ate so much food. My weight has to be around 73, 74 kilos and I was almost 77 kilos on Saturday, I was like ‘Oh God!, so I had to go on an extreme diet these past days”. Given Lewis' reputation as a successful professional, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that he will be able to lose weight successfully.

His main focus right now is to make the most of the remaining part of the season in order to achieve a positive result at the end. Throughout the last few months, Hamilton has been a huge optimist. At this point, we will have to wait and see what Mercedes and Hamilton are able to accomplish.

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