People reveals Lewis Hamilton and Shakira's romance is already over!

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People reveals Lewis Hamilton and Shakira's romance is already over!
People reveals Lewis Hamilton and Shakira's romance is already over! © Pietro S. DAprano / Stringer Getty Images Entertainment - Lars Baron / Staff Getty Images Sport

According to People, as reported by the source psychic and astrologer El Niño Prodigio, the alleged love story between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton is already over. El Niño Prodigio is the head of the horoscope column of the Spanish-language edition of People.

According to El Niño Prodigio, the relationship between the 38-year-old British pilot is destined to remain a beautiful friendship. Explaining the reason for the failure of love between the two. According to El Niño Prodigio, the relationship between Shakira and Hamilton has reached a dead end because he wanted a child: "I'll be honest, this man wants to be a father, I don't see much future.

If they join forces in a business, things for them they will do very well. I see abundance and good fortune." According to El Niño Prodigio, Shakira would still be linked to Piqué: "Between the two there will be something in which justice will be involved, while he wants to make a change, even move from one place to another.

I see him very close to the family." Between Luis Hamilton and Shakira, however, according to the seer there is no feeling: "I don't feel that there is love here, I don't feel that he is in love with her. The pilot will meet another love, because I don't see it alone." According to the psychic, Piqué's girlfriend, Clara Chía, will have many troubles, many setbacks, but it is clear that she is very much in love with him.

And she too for this she will do everything possible to get pregnant. The spirits say she may have to have surgery for something in the womb. She will have to undergo treatment. Shakira is already the mother of two children, Milan and Sasha, with the ex Gerdard Piqué.

As we have said you some days ago, as reported by a source to the Spanish television channel Telecinco, secret meetings between Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Colombian pop star Shakira have intensified.Telecinco said that the secret meetings between the two would have taken place in Shakira's villa on Isla, in the Balearic archipelago.

It would be three meetings on a week of stay of the pop star in the Balearic Islands, where Hamilton is also spending his holidays on a yacht with friends.The insider told Telecinco: "Shakira has only left her house twice, once to see Bizarrap and once to have dinner with Hamilton." It is also reported by the magazine that Hamilton's driver and would have witnessed the constant conversations between the two.Months have passed since the first rumors about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton, but no intimate photos of the two have come out yet, only shots in the company of friends.

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