Toto Wolff angry about not following the rules: The answer is penalize

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Toto Wolff angry about not following the rules: The answer is penalize
Toto Wolff angry about not following the rules: The answer is penalize © Francois Nel / Getty Images Sport

After Lewis Hamilton was claimed to have been blocked multiple times during qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix, Toto Wolff has called for harsher penalties. Briton suffered an elimination in Q2. Toto Wolff could not hide his anger after qualifying.

He is angry because Hamilton had the potential for a great result. "I think Lewis had a really good pace all weekend and in so far it's really painful to see that because of traffic you're not making yourself go into Q3 which you would have deserved,” Wolff said, as quoted by!

“I think also the impeding is pretty ugly to look at. I don't know whether it's become a bit of a pattern because people simply don't care or not get penalised. I mean if I see the impeding from Alonso in Q1 that's a clear impeding and there was no further investigation.

So some need to open their eyes. That cost him Q3”.

Toto Wolff: I think the answer is penalize, penalize, penalize

Wolff believes that penalizing people is the only way to prevent such things from happening in the future.

Tsunoda was cited by Toto as an example of a person who should be penalized for acting as Tsunoda did. It is not uncommon for this type of thing to happen in Formula 1. We will have to wait and see if there will be any other reactions in the future.

“I think the answer is penalise, penalise, penalise. If you know you don't go to prison when you cheat attacks, you cheat attacks. So the matter is, I don't understand why these things are not penalized. It was a clear impeding with some drivers in Q1 and Tsunoda, nice guy, but he impeded Lewis in his quick lap.

He didn't move from the dry line. You can see he dived on the inside and it didn't look like it cost much but going from a dry line into a wet line, back into a dry line cost him. I think a tenth would have put him into Q3."

Toto Wolff

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